Are you fed up and trying to find a better way? Ready to sell?

We Buy Property Management Portfolios!

As one of the fastest growing property management companies in Texas, Empire Industries LLC is looking toward continued growth organically, through portfolio acquisitions, or having you join our team.

Our in-depth systems and procedures streamline operations to help alleviate the stress and headache of property management. While organic growth will continue to be our main focus, we recognize that some property managers tire of the business and are looking for a way out. Empire Industries is here to solve that problem for you.

If you are currently trying to find a way to either grow or exit this business, we are a great option. Whether you sell us your whole portfolio or certain properties, we want to talk to you.

Buy real estate in Texas

Portfolio Acquisitions

Empire Industries LLC is interested in acquiring portfolios of management contracts primarily within our current market of Texas. We are looking for interested selling principals exiting the property management business either entirely or looking to join our team and use our award winning systems and procedures to make your business profitable.

If you are looking to sell all or part of your property management portfolio, Empire acquires all or portion portfolios of your management contracts. In this situation, the selling principals do not stay with the business or become partners with Empire as they will be exiting the local property management business entirely (although in some cases they might remain in the brokerage business or continue to manage properties in other geographies).

The purchase price for your portfolio will be competitive in the market. We have different ways of purchasing to best match what fits your current goals and situation.

Looking to refer doors? We have a referral program!

You may also opt to enter into a referral agreement under which you will refer additional management units to Empire after closing and get paid for those units if they stay under our management for an agreed period of time.