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Houston has one of the highest property tax rates in the country. It is crucial that you protest your taxes every year to maximize the returns on your investments!

Empire has partnered with the premier property tax protesting companies in town. They service Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston Counties. has saved over 4.5 million dollars in property taxes for over 10,000 homeowners and has had the highest success rate 2 years running. Owner, Jaime Cruz, has worked in the property tax protesting industry for over sight years!

Here is how it works: If SaveOnHouseTaxes cannot lower your taxes their services are FREE!!! They ONLY get paid if they save you money by lowering your taxes. They charge 40% of the savings FORE EMPIRE CLIENTS. This is the best deal in town with a reputable company. Most companies charge 50% of the savings. If you are not a current Empire client you will get charged the normal rate of 50%.

Early Protest deadline is APRIL 29, 2016. You must protest your taxes by MAY 31. 2016. DO NOT DELAY!!

It is incredibly easy to have SaveOnHouseTaxes protest your taxes for you. Simply click on the link below and fill out your personal information and your property information. It’s that simple. If you have more than 10 homes, fill out the form with one home and email Jaime Cruz at a spreadsheet of the property addresses. Like I said, simple! If you have any questions call Jaime at 713.338.1655.

If you signed up last year, it is even easier, SaveonHouseTaxes already has all your information and will process your tax protest automatically. There is no need to resign the document. SELECT THIS LINK TO LOWER YOUR PROPERTY TAXES!


What is The Average Tax Rate for Investment Properties? +

The tax rate for investment properties is the same as it is for owner occupied properties. The difference in the tax bill is an investment property does not qualify for exemptions. An owner occupied property has the homestead exemption, which reduces the tax bill not the tax rate.

The tax rate depends on the location of the property and the jurisdiction it is under. We have seen a range of tax rates from 2.5% to 4.2% with an average of about 3%.

How do I calculate property tax savings? +
All houses in Harris County are taxed on an advalerom tax system set by Texas Property Code. All that means is that the Harris County Appraisal District puts a value on your house. That value is then multiplied against the tax rate for your neighborhood. Therefore, lowering the appraised value of your house effectively lowers the taxes you will owe.

A house is noticed by HCAD at $120,000 in an area that pays a 3% total tax rate.
A successful protest by resulted in a new appraised value of $100,000.
$20,000 reduction x 3% tax rate = $600 tax savings.
How much would I have to pay SaveOnHouseTaxes for filing the protest, preparing and presenting a case for me? +
As advertised, you pay us nothing in the scenario where we were not able to obtain a reduction.

In the case of successful hearing where a reduction was obtained, the contingency is 45% of the tax savings. In the example in F.A.Q.’s #1, there was a tax savings of $600.

$600 x 45% = $270
$270 would be due to for saving you $600 on your tax bills.
What if I am no longer an Empire client, do I still get a discount? +

Unfortunately we cannot continue to give you the volume based discount that was agreed upon between Empire Industries and However, we would still love to protest your taxes for you so give us a call directly at 713.338.1655.

Can I protest my personal property with you event though empire does not manage it? +

Absolutely. As long as you have one property under Empire’s property management we can protest all of your properties in the Houston area and you will get the Empire discount for all properties!

Empire will pay all of the invoices for our services for all of the properties from your Empire account.

Does lowering my Appraised Value hurt the value of my house? +
No. It is important to know the difference between your Appraised Tax Value and your True Market Value. The district uses sales that occurred from 1 to 3 years ago to determine your Tax Value. That is not the value of your house today! That is solely the value you are taxed on! True Market Value is determined by recent sales, usually within the last 3 to 6 months.

The bottom line is you can try and sell your house for whatever you think it is worth!

“Tax value is not current market value, contact a REALTOR® for an estimate of a home’s market value.” ~Houston Association of Realtors
Why Should I Use instead of another Property Protesting Company? +

Just by being an Empire customer you get a deep discount. That is only the beginning of the story. By using SaveOnHouseTaxes there are no sign up fees, you have a full time seasoned professional protesting your taxes and not a part time protestor with just a few months of training under your belt. We also utilize technology to simplify signing up. We are certified Senior Property Tax Consultant which is the highest license in the industry. We are also registered arbitrators with the Texas Comptrollers office.

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