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Pete Neubig and Steve Rozenberg met in 2005 and after a year of flipping properties together Pete and Steve decided, instead of giving all that equity away, they should purchase instead of flipping the homes they were finding. Pete and Steve purchased 31 homes from 2006 through 2010. Empire Industries was born out of a necessity, not as a way to get into real estate to make a profit. We quickly found that the systems you put in place for 5 units do not work for 25 units. We started having management nightmares. We created our systems and partnerships based on our own needs.

Our Story+

Property Management Can Be A Full Time Job

We discovered just running our existing properties were more than a full time job. For example, finding and managing reliable maintenance people was challenging. It was hit or miss whether the maintenance person would show up for an appointment with the resident. Many times we would be charged more hours than they actually worked.

The next hurdle was finding and retaining top quality tenants. Screening and leasing to the correct resident is paramount. Problem tenants cause damage, time and money to a landlord. We were putting in bad tenants whom we had to evict, caused damage to our properties and created a much higher cost for our make readies. This too, becomes a full time job. When you are under economic pressure to get properties rented, it’s awfully tempting to take the first person who shows up.

Now add in all the administrative tasks necessary in running a property investment business, book keeping, eviction processing, property tax protesting, rent collections, paying invoices and tax preparations, and now you have a third full time job. Both of us were already working full time, the last thing we wanted was another full time job. For a passive investment strategy, this was turning out to be active income.

Property Investment Is A Business

We were in a bad loop. So what was the answer? Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, stated that “you need to build your team.” We took that to heart and aligned ourselves with partners that are business owners themselves and understand the success of our business is the success of their business.
The systems we created were not created with a management company in mind, but the management company became a by-product of our systems.

We’ve learned that whether you own one house or fifty houses you own a business. If you do not treat your properties like a true business with a team consisting of at least, a property manager, accountant and a maintenance technician to run the day-to-day affairs of your business, you will not have the time or money to invest in expanding your business. We provide that team for you, freeing your time and resources to expand your investment business.

Our management company will free up your time, give you reliable and cost effective service and allow you to spend time with your loved ones, do the things you love in your free time, increase your business by finding and purchasing deals instead of managing headaches, and have peace of mind!

Our Mission+

Empire Industries Vision

Highest customer service ranking property management company in Houston.

Empire Industries Mission statement

Empire Industries is a team of committed, positive and goal oriented people with integrity who are always striving to provide the best customer service for our clients.

We are a property management company for single-family homes. We provide all aspects of property management including maintenance, eviction services, accounting and leasing.

Our clients are seeking a better life for their family by investing in real estate. Our goal is to make their investment truly passive. Our clients are always informed but spend little time on their investments. Empire utilizes volume based discounts and passes the savings onto our clients. Our clients are allowed more time and money to purchase more investments because of their partnership with Empire Industries.

Empire Industries views property management from an investor standpoint. Built on the principals of investing by two seasoned investors, Empire Industries stresses the importance of having the properties cash flow. We are our client’s teammates working towards a common goal – having their investment produce income.

Empire Industries:

“Providing Frustration Free Property Management By Investors For Investors”.

Our Guarantee+

7 Point Guarantee or No Management Fee

  1. No hidden surcharges. Any and all fees that Empire Industries will charge is clearly stated in our management agreement and discussed prior to any signing of our agreement.
  2. All correspondence response in 1 business day.
 Empire Industries staff will always attempt to contact the owner or resident within 1 business day after message has been received.
  3. 100% of property bills reviewed and confirmed.
 All invoices or bills will be reviewed by appropriate staff personnel to verify price structure is as agreed upon prior to owner viewing bill.
  4. Delinquent tenants evicted; court costs prepaid. 
All delinquent tenants will be sent proper eviction notification as per Texas Property Code and laws followed to remove tenant through the court system.
All costs are pre-paid by Empire Industries.
  5. Minor maintenance costs are pre-paid.
 Any minor maintenance cost will be pre-paid, after the owner approves the cost of the repair, prior to any work being started.
  6. 24 hour maintenance request’s.
 All tenants are able to place a maintenance service request via our Toll Free Maintenance Hotline System, plus be able to reach someone 24 hours a day in event of an emergency.
Tenants also have access to our online system via their Web Portal.
  7. Money wired to your account on time – every time. 
At Empire Industries expense, we provide wire transfers directly into your bank account.

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